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stats28 Little-Known Blogging Statistics

Content continues to be a top priority for businesses of all sizes. Here are some stats that show the current state of B2B blogging.

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mistakesFive Common Blogging Mistakes

Most business owners don't have a solid lead generation system in place. So, it's easy to make content creation mistakes.

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content30 Actionable Content Marketing Tips

Did you know that content marketing is 62% cheaper in comparison with outbound marketing, and yet it generates 300% more leads? Find out why.

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marketingThe Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics

Conversion Rate Optimization, Ecommerce, Local SEO, Mobile Search, Organic Search, Voice Search... they're all on this list!

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According to a recent Social Media Examiner report, 67% of B2B marketers and 56% of B2C specialists use blogging for their online marketing efforts.

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Key tips to keep your wireless network safe

Most people set up their routers using the provided quick install guides, and then forget about them for good. And we can’t blame them for that, newer routers are designed to make the entire installation process as painless as possible.

It is true that most routers need to be restarted every now and then, though. To be on the safe side, consultants at recommend restarting your router on a weekly basis, because this will clean up your device’s memory, making it run faster, as well as help you get rid of potential router-based malware.

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How to safeguard your online accounts

Did you know that an 8-character password, which was considered secure only a few years ago, can be broken by a supercomputer in only 2-3 minutes? It is true that very few people own a supercomputer, but most cyber villains can easily rent a computer farm, the equivalent of that expensive supercomputer, for pennies.

So, if you want to safeguard your online accounts, ensure that the passwords that you are using for each one of them have at least 12 characters.

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